GREEN BARLEY with Tropical Fruit Powder Juice Drink


GREEN BARLEY with Tropical Fruit Powder Juice Drink Mix Health & Wealth 23g

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GREEN BARLEY with Tropical Fruit Powder Juice Drink Mix Health & Wealth 23g

Product Description
Green barley with Tropical fruit power juice drink mix.
Pineapple,mango,orange,apple,banana stevia extract powder Pure organic young barley grass grown.
Maintain a healthy acidity/alkalinity balance.
Help protect against degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and arthritis.
Aims to improve saggy skin, especially around the eyes Comes in a small plastic bottle.
Just fill water inside and shake well.
23 grams
-Remove the cap of the green barley bottle. Fill the bottle with 250ml COLD water: purified, mineral, or alkaline.
-Shake the bottle well.
-For first time user/drinker of green barley juice, drink 30ml of green barley for the first 3 days. It’s the minimum dosage for adults. You may increase the dosage on the 4th day and onwards. There’s no overdose.
-Keep the green barley bottle refrigerated. One bottle of green barley is good for 7 days, refrigerated. Don’t drink directly from the bottle to avoid spoilage.
-Best time to drink green barley: Drink 30ml green barley 20-30minutes BEFORE MEAL or 2 hours AFTER MEAL. In cases of emergency, drink green barley anytime.
Recommended Timing to Drink Green Barley and its Benefits (according to Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, the scientist behind green barley):
i) MORNING (on an empty stomach): green barley brings life to mind and body; and provides shot of nutrition
ii) AFTERNOON: green barley removes drowsiness
iii) NIGHT (before retiring): green barley lowers acidity in blood; aids in sleep
Recommended Dosage of Green Barley:
i) 0-<1yo = 0.5ml when normal; 1ml when sick
ii) >1yo = 5ml when normal; 10ml when sick
iii) 2-9yo = 15ml when normal; 30ml when sick iv) >10 = 30ml when normal; 60ml up when sick v) 1 bottle/day for critical diseases
Please do note that green barley can also be applied topically for skin problems and other skin diseases.

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